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Creating Your Dream Bespoke Interior

Dream Bespoke Fitted FurnitureIs your house or office looking ‘tired’? Do you dream about renovating or perhaps changing the furniture? Are you bored of the décor after so many years? Maybe you need some inspiration or a helping hand to get you started?

Beautiful home motivation surrounds us on the internet, on television and in magazines, but when it comes to our own homes and work spaces often we don’t know where to begin and wonder how it will fit our budget.


At Piwko we specialise in helping you to design a stunning, comfortable and fully functional interior that will suit both your lifestyle and your budget – it is our attention to detail that makes us different to your average furniture supplier.


What makes us stand out from the crowd?


Piwko deliver bespoke solutions to perfectly fit your setting. We handcraft beautiful furniture inspired by your lifestyle. Our experienced and talented furniture makers create exclusive pieces that reflect not only your vision but will fit like a dream into the unique spaces that make your home or office. The process starts with the design, which, once approved, we build and install. And, we use only the finest woods and raw materials to create special one-off furniture pieces. All our wood and raw materials are responsibly and sustainably sourced ensuring that your furniture is as environmentally friendly as possible.


At Piwko we know how to make the maximum use of space to create a brilliant living or working place. ‘Dead space’ will become a thing of the past because we look at all angles to ensure optimal function, transforming your home or work space into a uniquely styled, comfortable and high-functioning area for you to enjoy with family and friends or colleagues.


If required, we will advise on your choice of style, lighting and colour to help you get the most out of your new furniture. We offer innovative decorating solutions and creative design suggestions with an exceptional range of finishes and materials, essentially providing a one-stop shop for your needs.




At Piwko we create a detailed plan that will save you both time and money whilst carefully considering your budget specifications. Before we begin we arrange a design consultation with you to create a workable solution for your needs. And, if you are not sure what you want, we can inspire you with designs that will offer an exceptional home or work environment for you.


To help you in the decision-making process we offer 3D visualization so that you can see, prior to work commencing, exactly how your room will look, meaning that it is not just a picture in your head but a fully-formed vision.


To find out more or book your appointment contact Piwko Bespoke Fitted Furniture on 01202 397082, via e-mail office@piwko.co.uk or visit our website www.piwko.co.uk

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