Shaker Style – from Humble Beginnings to a Style Icon

A timeless style that never ceases to impress

An extremely popular trend that has not ceased to delight for centuries, constantly gaining new fans from all over the world. Captivating with its unadorned simplicity, it has become a motivation for homeowners, interior designers, and furniture craftsmen. Countless, gorgeous designs  have been created so far, and the Shaker-style has become an icon of class and elegance.

How did this legendary style come about? What makes it stand out? Learn about its history and evolution.

All-in-one style

Undoubtedly one of the most popular and most often chosen by our customers. The simplicity of the design, clean lines and subtle elegance make it like a blank canvas, allowing to create own arrangements in any style and taste. So, no matter what way you plan to decorate your home, Shaker-style furniture will suit both modern and traditional interiors.

Nevertheless, not only the style, but also the form and layout of the furniture make up a timeless, universal project. The functionality provided by custom-made furniture is very important aspect that should be carefully considered when furnishing your house. Making the most of the space will certainly enable comfort of use and bring a harmonious, coherent look to the interior.

What makes the Shaker-style so popular?

Certainly, iconic styles like this one are not created by chance, but are the result of a great deal of commitment and work by human hands.

The answer can be found in an astonishing history dating back to the 18th century, initiated by the so-called Shakers, a group of people who decided to lead a peculiar and, for most people, very controversial lifestyle. The Shakers originally came from England, but emigrated to America, where they led a modest but very honest life, trying to perform their duties as efficiently as possible.

Simplicity, usefulness, and honesty were the main attributes that guided these people. Their beliefs were reflected in the simple, impeccable interior design, far from the prevailing trend of rich ornamentation and splendour at the time. The criticism they undoubtedly encountered on a daily basis was not an obstacle for them to continue their work in the spirit of faith and with conviction of the rightness of the faith.

The furniture made by these craftsmen was characterised by simplicity of design and natural materials. Their solid works have been preserved to this day and can be seen as exhibits in the museums such as at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art.

It can be concluded that it was conscientious, honest work and consistency in acting with faith in the rightness of one’s beliefs that were the reason for the formation of this widely known and valued style.

From the 18th century to the present day

The outstanding skills, ingenuity and craftsmanship of the Shakers are qualities worth imitating, which we try to develop while running our furniture business. Drawing on constantly developing technologies, we create a variety of compositions in terms of construction, colour, and finishing.

Our customers can choose from three, seemingly not very different, frame fronts. From a technical point of view and the way they are made the difference is much more significant.

Take a close look and read their description below.

  • Flat Frame – Our most popular, standard front in a modern version made of a single panel decorated with delicate milled lines imitating the shape of the frame.  Our customers appreciate this design for its simple, flat form, easy to keep clean and dust-free. It is worth mentioning at this point that cleanliness and ease of keeping order, just like in our times, was very important in the everyday life of the Shakers.


  • Recessed Frame – Its overall design is very similar to the previous one, made of a single panel, but does not have a completely flat surface, it is characterised by a significant recess in the central part of the front, exposing the thickened frame part.


  • Joined Frame – A front made according to an original technique pioneered by Shaker, whose goal was to design a solid front with minimal use of material. The design consists of five separate parts, four frame parts, and a thinner canter panel, which is a smart way to save a lot of raw material without compromising on quality and functionality.

Traditional & modern materials

Not excluding the possibility of ordering furniture made entirely of solid, durable solid wood, such as oak, walnut or beech, whose lifespan will last for generations, just like the original Shaker furniture. We highly recommend alternative solutions enriched with modern solutions and various possibilities coming from the contemporary successively developing carpentry industry.

We have an unlimited range of colours and a lot of quality finishes, including patina which is deliberate antiquing of the front to give it the character of distant times, which gives a great effect when we want to emphasise the traditional character in reference to the old era.

The basic material we use to create our fronts is a durable 18 mm thick MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) covered with one of the following finishes:


  • Vinyl Wrap – we have a large selection of matte, glossy, wood-like finishes and many other innovative ideas for original, non-standard finishes.
  • Painting/Varnishing/Staining – you can choose from a multitude of colours and finishes. Whether you want a classic white or a more modern look, darker shades, or a combination of both, we can provide you with the right option.
  • Natural Veneer – which is obtained by applying a layer of natural wood to the front. The ‘Joined Frame’ type is perfect for veneering, since the design of this front is made according to the traditional scheme and entirely reflects the old but very practical technique.

A bit of our history

A few memories of furniture made over 10 years ago when we started our furniture business in Bournemouth. The cabinets have been handmade using the traditional method developed by Shakers and finished with natural oak veneer, there have been no complaints so far, which proves the high quality.

Can you imagine?

What would the world look like today if the Shakers’ working style was appreciated by the majority of people? – It would definitely be cleaner.

In the past, furniture was so durable that it was passed down from generation to generation, it could be a wedding gift or part of a dowry.  Nowadays, it is rare to make furniture with such a long lifespan, mainly due to the high cost of natural wood.

Modern technologies have enabled us to create alternative, less expensive solutions that perfectly fulfil their storage solution and have become an indispensable interior decoration. Therefore, it seems that it is worth moving with the times, while not forgetting the values ​​we have inherited and maintaining a good balance.

What is your experience with contemporary furniture?  Do they meet your expectations? – We wish to know your opinion.

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