Smart storage solutions with sliding doors

The perfect sliding wardrobe – which one to choose?

Wardrobes with sliding doors are an unlimited choice when it comes to creating the perfect storage space. They are most often used in bedrooms, but thanks to their main advantage, the sliding system that does not require additional opening space, they can be used even in small rooms such as children’s rooms, home offices and even in narrow corridors.

Get to know the different solutions and layouts you can use in your home to maximise storage space.


Classic built-in wardrobe

The most popular simple sliding door wardrobe, most often made in a recess from wall to wall, which can be made in most houses, if you do not have a recess, such a wardrobe can be made against one of the walls and finished with a side panel. Wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling construction gives you many options for arranging the interior perfectly to your needs and allows for very comfortable access to your clothes.

Sample photo: Graphite glass fronts and golden aluminium profiles, which adds extraordinary elegance and modernity.

Walk-in wardrobe

If you have a large space in the bedroom, it will be a good idea to divide the space into zones, sliding doors are perfect for dividing the space and organising a capacious wardrobe where every thing has its place. A spacious walk-in wardrobe with sliding doors will be a good choice for people who want a luxurious and functional storage solution.

Sample photo: Sliding doors made of natural bamboo and mirrors and silver aluminium frames.

Wardrobes with a seat under the window

Another clever way to maximise space is to transform unused space by the window into built-in, spacious floor-to-ceiling wardrobes on both or on one side of the window, which will give you a cosy corner for relaxation. The seat can be made with storage in many ways, with pull-out drawers, doors, or in the form of a spacious chest for bedding, blankets, etc.

Sample photo: Light grey matte combined with white inserts and silver aluminium profiles.

Angled wardrobe

Regardless of the shape of the rooms, sloping ceilings, attic or recess adaptations even the most awkward space can be converted into useful storage cabinets. However, everything depends on a well-planned project and professional workmanship. Therefore, it is worth using the services of experienced specialists who advise on how to make the best use of each gap in the room.

Sample photo: Grey glass fronts with horizontal wood-effect inserts.

Corner Wardrobe

You can use the available space in the room as effectively as possible by choosing a custom-made corner wardrobe that can be adapted to any shape, even in a small corner. Two deep wardrobes connected in one corner create convenient storage space with little space requirement. Perfect solution for a stylish, clutter-free home.

Sample photo: Combination of dark onyx with natural rattan and graphite profiles.

Hallway wardrobe

The hall is always a challenge when it comes to keeping order, especially when guests come, it is difficult to find appropriate places to hang a jacket or coat. Custom- made wardrobes with sliding doors are the perfect solution and fit even in narrow corridors, offering plenty of space for clothes, shoes, umbrellas, keys and many essentials.

Sample photo: Emerald green with a mirror and silver aluminium profiles.

Children’s Bedroom

A room of your own is a dream place for every child, especially teenagers. The project requires a combination of many features, space for a bed, desk and wardrobe in a usually small room. Children’s fitted furniture is sometimes the only solution to create a cosy and functional interior that meets the needs of your growing child.

Sample photo: A combination of pastel shades of blush pink and subtle blue.

Office storage solution

Work is an indispensable part of our lives, today many people decide to work remotely. A home office in a separate room or office zone has now become an essential element of interior design. Home Office furniture or arranging a small corner with a desk will be useful in every household for keeping personal accounts and storing necessary documents in a safe place.

Sample photo: Navy blue furniture with top storages and an upholstered seat/storage.

Functionality and elegance

The main advantage of custom-made wardrobes is that they can be adapted to any shape of the room, thanks to which even the least functional place can be turned into a practical storage space.

Wardrobes with sliding doors offer many arrangement possibilities, especially when it comes to aesthetics. At Piwko, we have a huge range of various materials that can be combined and matched to your interior. Our sliding doors ensure high comfort of use thanks to the highest quality systems and aluminium profiles, they are very smooth and easy to slide.

If you need functional and effective storage space, contact us and we will provide a free, no-obligation consultation and quote.

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