A Vintage Style Fitted Bedroom

Space Saving Design

Bespoke fitted overbed unit is undoubtedly the perfect way to make the most of the space. The cabinets have been designed for customers who have just bought their first dream home in the newly built St Leonards estate in Ringwood.




Finishing Touches

The client’s initial concept was to create fitted overbed unit in the traditional, classic shaker style, but after seeing our extensive collection of furniture fronts, they decided for very characteristic fronts decorated with a milled leaf motif, and in order to give the fronts expressiveness and a hint of vintage, the client opted for an additional enrichment of the fronts with a patina finish.

Beautiful milled fronts complemented with patinaCustom made bedroom fitted furniture with patina finish.

Detail of furniture enhanced with patina


Patina is a technique that recreates the imprint of time in furniture in an extremely sophisticated way, giving the impression of natural aging. Patina allows you to create unique creations from furniture and woodwork, as it is available in various shades of natural and metallic colours.


Custom made fitted furniture with patina finish.

Technical Details

Maximum use of wall space

Examples of patina fronts

Do you dream of a beautiful bedroom?

If you wish to bring a unique atmosphere into your bedroom, then fitted furniture designed especially for you will be an excellent choice. Check out our rich offer, you can find many finishes on our website that may interest you, but it would be best to make an appointment for a FREE visit to view them in real life and see their potential.


Our furniture is covered by a 10-year guarantee.