High-gloss bedroom furniture

Contemporary Bedroom Furniture

Although difficult to furnish, awkward spaces are rather associated with the attic rooms or in houses of old construction. However, today’s modern construction is equally demanding when it comes to furnishings due to its unusual, sometimes spectacular shapes.
I had the opportunity making bespoke modern furniture for one of these contemporary houses in Lower Parkston, Poole.

Finishing touches

The client wanted a modern design that would match the architecture of the building, while at the same time making the most of the space and creating a large amount of storage spaceThe high-gloss fronts chosen by the client, combined with the dark walnut from which the entire interior of the wardrobe was made, turned out to be an excellent choice because they gave this bedroom a lively and modern look. High-gloss materials, which reflect light much better than standard matte finishes, can make even the darkest corners of a room appear larger and brighter, creating a stunning visual effect.












Technical Details

The main problem was the beam going through the entire room. Our task was to arrange this space in the most effective way possible, both visually and practically, with free access to individual sections. Undoubtedly, craftsmanship skills and practice in the production of custom-made furniture are the basis for making furniture for an awkward space. I think the end result was excellent providing plenty of useful storage space creating a modern cohesive look.
If you have just bought or are in the process of designing and building a new house, or maybe you are planning to renovate existing one, it is worth thinking about the matching furniture at an early stage to have everything under control, including the vision of the furniture arrangement.

Our furniture is covered by a 10-year guarantee.